Wonder Woman Review

I saw Wonder Woman Thursday, June 1st, at an early showing with one of my best friends, Erika. I knew when I saw the trailer that this was a film that I wanted to see with one of my girl friends or my mom. This film is an iconic moment, especially for women. So it was no brainer to share this moment with another woman.

Before the movie started and while the previews were playing, I felt myself growing nervous yet excited for the film. I was nervous, because overall I had not enjoyed most of the DCEU films. However, I will add that I did enjoy Man of Steel on the first viewing, but after my heart eyes for Henry Cavill lifted, and I was able to actually focus on the other elements of the film, I realized that Man of Steel was not the film we deserved. I must say though, I did enjoy Suicide Squad for the most part.

My nerves are running!! Because I wanted DCEU to finally have their victory they deserved, and also I wanted female superhero fans of all ages to have a female fronted film to be proud of.  So the film finally begins with of course DC’s new logo, and I have to say that I do like their opening logo showing all the various DC characters and not just the trinity.

The cinematography in this film is breathtaking; I was floored by the Louvre shot…and my god, when we first see Themiyscra…this film grabbed me. Seeing these glorious and beautiful Amazonian women training and sparring against each other and the scenery was just…overwhelming in a good way.  I knew then in my heart that we were getting the female fronted superhero film that we deserved.

Lilly Aspell as young Diana is such a heart warming performance. She is furious, curious, determined, and adorable all in one. I can see Lilly having a bright future just like Dafne Keen and Millie Bobbie Brown.  Though Lilly’s part is small, she is a show stealer just like Gal.

One of the good things about Batman Vs Superman was Gal Godot’s moments as Diana/Wonder Woman. Personally, I think Gal is the best thing about BVS.  If you were captivated by Gal’s brief but powerful performance in BVS, then you will be in awe of her in her solo film.  Gal is powerful, funny, charming, graceful, and truly wonderful in this film. If you had doubts about her ability to be Wonder Woman, you’ll no longer have them.

Chris Pine has always been charismatic to me, but his role in this film definitely elevates him to a whole another level. Steve Trevor is definitely someone who you would want on your side. I adored him deeply in this film, and I enjoyed his and Gal’s chemistry so much.  Let’s just say, I’m a shipper.

There is so much heart and love in this story, while it also has some of the most amazing action sequences I have ever seen in a film before. The funny moments don’t feel forced at all; the vulnerable moments are so touching; the action sequences, especially the No Man’s Land sequence, will bring you to tears with how beautiful and empowering it is. I cried at the No Man’s Land sequence, because this is the female fronted superhero film I have been waiting for. It was amazing to see Diana in action and by herself, and doing it to ensure innocent people’s safety.

Diana is so full of love and hope. She wants to bring peace to the world and save it; she has such determination and is so pure, yet she is the most powerful warrior in superhero cinema. Patty Jenkins, the director, and Alan Heinberg, the screenwriter, handle Diana with so much love and care. Patty, Alan, and Gal are a dream team. I truly can’t wait for them to reunite for a sequel.

A most worthy mention is Robin Wright as Antiope. Robin Wright was fearless and resilient as the general of the Amazonian army.  Watching her lead and fight along side her Amazonian sisters was truly a highlight of the film for me. I hope we’ll get to see Robin in more action roles.

Wonder Woman is an excellent film, and I highly recommended seeing this film. It warms my heart how well the film is doing at the box office and by how many people are loving it. I do hope this sends a clear message to Hollywood that people want female led superhero films, and female directors directing superhero films.

Bring on more girl power.




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