Spies Are Forever-review

Since the Tin Can Brothers released their cast album for Spies Are Forever on Monday/Tuesday, I thought I’d write my review finally. I was lucky enough to see the musical in person twice while it ran for a few weeks here in Southern California between March-April.

Spies Are Forever is a musical with music and lyrics written by TalkFine and the book by The Tin Can Bros. The musical is directed by Corey Lubowich, and the cast includes: Curt Mega, Mary Kate Wiles, Al Fallick, Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Tessa Netting, Brian Rosenthal,  and Lauren Lopez.

The musical is essentially a parody of the Spy film genre that takes place during the cold war. The main character is Agent Curt Mega played by Curt Mega who has come out of retirement after his partner had died and has decided it’s time to Spy Again 😉

Everyone in the cast gives an excellent performance; the songs are super catchy, and the whole show is such a blast. I had to wait 3 months for them to release the Cast Album(soundtrack) which felt like a long time especially, since I still had bits of the songs in my head, but was dying to remember the songs in their entirety.

Mary Kate Wiles plays the femme fatale, “Tatiana”, who is well rounded and full of emotion which is very rare often times with femme fatales in spy movies. Her character’s song “Prisoner Of My Past” sounds like a Russian Lullaby, but with a sad tale. I could also see this song being used a theme song for  Natasha Romanoff aka Marvel’s Black Widow…well at least bits of it. MKW is also one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She has an interesting web series coming out soon. She talks about it here !

Curt Mega proves that he can definitely be a leading man. He’s charismatic, has great comedic timing, a fantastic singer, and has an acting range that is pretty impressive that will definitely continue to grow. “Spy Again” is a song that really shows off Curt’s vocal ability and one of my favorites from the musical. Curt is one of the kindest, most humble, and hard working person, I’ve ever met. He has many things coming up and also you can check him out on Youtube .

Al Fallick  ,to me,  was a personal stand out. He’s incredibly funny and reminded me a bit of TJ Miller. Al plays “The Informant” and “Susan” which are both very funny roles that I won’t spoil for those who don’t want to be spoiled! I definitely can’t wait for what Al will do next.

The entire cast is honestly wonderful and I’d be here forever, if I talked about each of them. There’s a lot of great songs in the musical which you can check them all out on Itunes!

“We Love the Prince”, “Not so bad”, and “Spies Are Forever” are all stand out songs to me. TalkFine definitely proved that they should be writing more songs for musicals. I’ll definitely be listening to this album on repeat for a while.

The first two parts of Spies Are Forever is up on  Youtube if you’re interested in embarking on this journey. Spy with me.


Spies Are Forever is a refreshingly entertaining  original musical that I hope will have a huge impact on the world…or at least the world of musical theatre.  I’d love to see this musical tour, so other people can enjoy it in person like I got to.